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အမှတ် ၁၉၀-၁၉၄၊ အခန်း ၅(အေ၊ဘီ၊စီ၊ဒီ)၊ ပဥ္စမထပ်၊ ပန်းဆိုးတန်းလမ်း၊ အလယ်ဘလောက်၊, ကျောက်တံတား, ရန်ကုန်တိုင်းဒေသကြီး
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Business Overview
TrustLink Co.,Ltd. – one of the leading business companies supportingdomestic banks in Myanmar since the banking sector started booming. Trustlinkhas been a System and/or Solution Integration Company by delivering stateprojects and eGovernment projects, providing ICT and security hardware,developing systems and software, and supporting with range end-to-end solutionsas total complete solutions. We have a good reputation in the financialindustry for supplying World No.1 ATM/CDM to banks. We can offer powerfulpayment system that can drive various payment delivery channels. Weare the market leader in supplying the World No.1 card personalization andissuance solution to banks. TrustLink is the system integrator that can provideturn-key solutions in the payment cards space. The company is established in2010 by engineers having different profound knowledge and experience for morethan ten years in printing industry, trading and commerce, financing and ICT.With strong expertise and efforts, TrustLink has affirmed its root and strongbase in the IT solution integration space, and become market leader in manyareas in a very short time. Since we are providing government solutions,identity solutions, security solutions, financial solutions, IT hardwares andsoftware, online security and solutions and other in customer-orientedapproaches. We proudly have added, and are still adding value to our customers,clients, the industries and even our country.TrustLink is the authorized soledistributor and service partner for NCR ATM products and solutions in the wholecountry of Myanmar. We also become local partner for several market leadingbranded products in financial and card industry – Yalamanchili, Alaric,VeriFone, MK, SafeNet – just to name a few. We are the one and only authorizedpartner for DataCard products and solutions for Myanmar. We have provided morethan five prestigious private banks and more than two state owned banks withcard embossers/printers and ATMs to several banks of both sectors, which areoperational in the payment card systems of Myanmar. We believe we can bring thebest value, if not the highest, to your business in achieving your strategicgoals. Company is located in No.190-194, Rm 5(A), Pansoedan St., Kyauktada,Yangon, Yangon Region.
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  • ATM and KIOSK
  • Card Insuance
  • POS Hardware
  • Vault & doors
  • Security Products
  • Digital Security