အမှတ် ၉၀၂၊ ရန်ကုန်-မန္တလေးလမ်း၊ နှင်းဆီလမ်း ထောင့်၊ ချမ်းမြသာစည်မြို့နယ်၊ မန္တလေးတိုင်းဒေသကြီး
About Us
HELI Myanmar Co., Ltd has been established in Myanmar since 2015. HELI Myanmar Co., Ltd is importing all models (including Engine Type & Electric Type) of the most complete forklifts line up in the industries, enabling dealers across Myanmar to satisfy all customer needs and national accounts.At present, our company is more than 6years old. During this period, we can perform to meet our customers’ value. We have been providing the best customer service since 2015 and are now in the Top-3 in Myanmar. Therefore, the brand “HELI” we sold is Top-1 Brand in China and it’s the world Top-5 Brand.We always put the interests of our customers first. So, we always solve customers’ feedback immediately when we know. Now, most of factories in Myanmar are using our HELI Forklift Truck & Warehouse Truck. We provide not only Forklift Truck/ Warehouse Truck but also Heavy Vehicle/ Tow Tractor.We hope our country is to be Industry Country providing International Standard Machines. Therefore, we want to meet the latest technology in Myanmar.During the past 50 years, HELI’s biggest achievement is the formation of own core-competitiveness on design, manufacturing, management and sales. Presently, the modern SAP software system and lean-manufacturing have been adopted in the whole HELI group further development of our top-ranking machinery. In the coming 50 years, HELI is in pursuit of the “Centennial HELI” and a rank of “TOP 5” forklift supplier in world, presently 8th as of 2014. As the largest forklift manufacturer HELI has led China market for 24 consecutive years, since 2006.With greatest sincerity, HELI invites you to be our partner in mutual development. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us any time!

Products and Services

  • ေဆာက္လုပ္ေရးကန္ထ႐ိုက္တာလုပ္ငန္းသံုးစက္ကိရိယာမ်ားရ႐ွိႏိုင္သည္