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by Capital Diamond Star Group on 04 February, 2021

Job Description

  • Communicate with sales & service team to hand on the status-All-inclusive.
  • Discuss daily target achievement and allocation of appointment taken vehicles to Service Advisory.
  • Coordinate with sales & service team for delivery plan for the day, so that PDI/driver allocation can be. 
  • Made in avoid unnecessary dissatisfaction while delivery to customer, pending car at the service center.
  • Purchase & plan for spare parts storage.
  • Oversees administration of warranty claims.
  • Status of the spare parts availability, status of the spare parts target achievement.
  • Encourages compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Training plan for the staffs.
  • Coordinate with sales & service managers for the daily status.
  • Status of value -added services Vs Target
  • Total revenue generated Vs Target
  • Planning for next day, coordinate with spare parts/baskets/complaints.
  • Report to various dept as per requirement.
  • Take a Look around the entire service enter for any safety issues-Instructions.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering/CRM/Sales & Marketing.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in similar role.
  • Must have good technical skills and management of personnel and material resources.
  • Must have critical thinking, good communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Proficiency in Computer Literacy.
  • Business level in English Four Skills.
  • Chinese speaker is preferred but not major essential.
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by Capital Diamond Star Group on 04 February, 2021

Job Description

• Responsible minor and major Electrical & Mechanical repair.
• Scheduling the preventive maintenance and take the actions.
• Handling corrective maintenance complete within schedule timeline and record accordingly.
• Involving in emergency attendant if required.
• Maintain the good relationship with tenants and all trades.
• Responsible awareness of safety rules and regulations at all the time.
• Cooperate with Mall Management Staffs.
• Ensure all maintenance tasks are well processed and all technicians/Engineers are performing with good practice aligned the maintenance schedule.
• Any other duties & responsibilities as assigned from time to time.


Job Requirements

  1. Holding a Bachelor Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Minimum 3 years of related experience.
  3. Good Interpersonal and Communication Skills.
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by A4 International Mathematics School on 14 February, 2020

ကျောင်းတစ်‌ကျောင်း လုံးကို ကောင်းစွာ အုပ်ချုပ်နိုင်သူ တစ်ဦး၏အရည် အချင်းနှင့် ညီမျှသော ချီးမြှင့်သည့်လုပ်အား လစာကို၊ ခံစားနိုင်စေရပါမည်။
အသက်ကန့်သတ်ချက် မရှိပါ။ ကျန်းမာသန်စွမ်းသူများအားလုံး၊ လျောက်ထားနိုင်ပါသည်။

Experience Private School အုပ်ချုပ်ရေး Managers များ အလိုရှိပါသည်။
ကျောင်း၊ တက္ကသိုလ် အုပ်ချုပ်မှု လုပ်သက်အတွေ့အကြုံ အနည်းဆုံး () နှစ်အထက် ရှိရပါမည်။
ကျောင်းနှင့်ပတ်သက်သော ပညာရေးဆိုင်ရာအစိုးရရုံးဌာနများ အားလုံးနှင့် ကျွမ်း ကျင်ပိုင်နိုင်စွာဆောင်ရွက်နိုင်ရပါမည်။

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by A4 International Mathematics School on 14 February, 2020

CIE Physics Old Papers 2015 - 2019 ကို၊ အသေးစိတ် ဆွေးနွေးနိုင်ရပါမည်။
သင်ကြားနိုင်မှုအရည်အချင်းနှင့် ညီမျှသောချီးမြှင့်ငွေကို၊ ခံစားနိုင်စေရပါမည်။

လုပ်သက်အတွေ့အကြုံ အနည်းဆုံး () နှစ်ရှိရပါမည်။
Part Time/ Full Time

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by Fujita Corporation on 04 February, 2020

• Admin assistant. Car arrangement, accommodation arrangement, flight booking, salary calculation, ordering and controlling office stationery, setting up office IT 
equipment, visa and stay permit arrangement for foreign workers, schedule control for project manager, admin manager.

• Assistant to admin manager

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