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Dawali in

Deepavali (or) Diwali

Diwali is the biggest and the most significant festival for Hindus. It is a five day festival by horning the return of God Rama, his wife Sita and Lakshmana – the brother of Rama (Hindu epic- Ramayana).


Dhanteras: Day 1

The very first day of celebration and also remarked as the birthdays of Lakshmi – the Goddess of wealth and prosperity and Dhanvantari- the God of health and healing. Ragoi design (created colorful floor design) is fully decorated on the walls, inside the houses and even on the office floor. Honor of Dhanvantari and Lakshmi, oil lamps and lanterns are lit in evening hours.


Naraka Chaturdasi (or) Choti Diwali : Day 2

Second day of Dawali when time for wearing henna artifactitious designs on the hands and palm of women. It is actually such a busy day for making and preparing mithai (sweets and desserts) for the full moon day.


Lakshmi Puja: Day 3

Important and main day of Diwali festival, people lighten the multi-colored bulbs, lamps to welcome the Goodness of wealth and prosperity – Lakshmi to cheer up the blessings on them for the whole year. Say a day of relationship and friendship, people make a visiting to their relatives and friends for changing gifts and giving their home made sweets and desserts. Fireworks are blowing out joyfully for the purpose of evils run away.


Padwa, Balipratipada: Day 4

The day after Diwali especially highlights the love and spiritual emotions among couples (husband and wife); Padwa is celebrated in honor of Lord Krishna.


Bhai Duj, Bhaiya Dooji: Day 5

The last day of five-day festival brings out the love and life long bond of siblings. On this day, sisters make prayers for their brothers, sharing foods and giving gifts are returned form of showing care, love and respect.


Diwali take a spiritual aim to defeat light over darkness, good over evil, hope over desire, right over wrong, knowledge over ignorance, wisdom over greed or anger.


Where: Sri Kirsha Temple, Mandalay. 

When: Nov 11, 2015.







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