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There are several options for group rides. The Myanmar Bike Adventures is a group that is passionate about all things cycling. They gather regularly for half and full day rides and occasionally take overnight excursions to Shan State, Bagan or other areas. Riders of a moderate level and above are welcome to join the rides. For more information visit Phoe Soun Bike Shop on 37th between 77th & 78th streets.


Challenging downhill tracks are the preferred terrain for the Mandalay Free Riders who gather regularly for rides on the dirt paths of Mandalay Hill and organise races.They do not have a set schedule but welcome anyone to join in. Visit the Oakley shop on 78th street between 33rd and 34th streets for up-to-date ride information.


If you are looking for a guided tour, Grasshopper Adventures offers two half day rides through the countryside on imported mountain bikes.They are easy enough for any one with basic fitness to enjoy and the guides provide a fun, informative tour focused on understanding local culture and lifestyles. For more information, visit or call 09402659886. Visitors to Mandalay can also hire local bikes (no gears) at the guest houses around 87th street between 26/27th street.


Sepak Takraw Ball
SepakTakraw is a form of kick volley ball and is a team sport – players kick a rattan ball, over a net, by using only their feet, knee, or head to touch the ball. There are many Sepak Takraw clubs in Mandalay such as Aung Taw Mu, Electric, Ye Man Aung, Man Myo Daw, Shwe Nyaung Pin, Kyel Tagon, Paung Le and Khit Kyaung Thar. Each team has their own playground but competitions are mostly held at Ye Man Aung, Shwe Nyaung Pin and Man Myo Daw playgrounds. There are about four competitions a year. There is no special training course for Sepak Takraw Ball but you can learn from the best by playing and practicing with Myanmar’s selection players at Ye Man Aung and Paung Le grounds.

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