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Here is a quick guide to where the locals hang out and have fun.


Sky Bars
Hotel Dingar and Hotel Queen both have rooftop restaurants (Sky Bars) with beautiful views over the city.  The best time to come is at dusk to see the sunset.  Both serve great food from a range of different world cuisines. Hotel Queen will often have its resident band playing great tunes.


Karaoke is the best place for you and your family and friends to relax and have fun. SN, Symphony, Sonprano, Kira and Achit Ywar have high quality sound systems and are suitable for families.


Coffee Shops & Tea Shops & Cold Drinks
Gathering for a drink is one of the main social activities for Mandalarians – and they usually fall into one of four camps – tea drinkers, coffee drinkers, or those that favour cold drinks or alcohol. Each camp has their favourite places to go. If you are a real coffee drinker, M Donut and Donut King coffee shops are the popular choices because of their fabulous coffee, great atmosphere, and free wifi. M Donut has two computers to use for free if you forget your laptop or phone. Cold drinkers tend to head for the low tables and chairs set out along the scenic spots near Mandalay Palace moat, Kandawgyi Lake and along the Strand Road. All these places have great views and are the perfect places to chill over a cold glass of juice. Tea Shops are on nearly every corner, and each has their own specialty which draws the crowds. The main stand outs in Mandalay are Shwe Pyi Moe Tea Shop due to their incredibly tasty Shan noodles, Mont-T, Mont Hinga, Myee Shae and Indian desserts; and Arkar Min Tea shop which is famous for its delicious traditional dessert, Mont Pyar Thalet, and pork stick. Both open very early at 4am!

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