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2000 BCE – Mandalay Hill became a place of veneration by early Buddhists and a site of several holy relics of Gautama Buddha.


The golden Mahamuni Image was taken from Mahamuni Pagoda in Western Rakhine State and placed in a new temple in Mandalay, where it remains to this day.  Thousands of artisans were also captured who formed the nucleus of the artisans in centres around the city.


King Mindon vanquished the Tharawaddy ruler, dismantled Amarapura city and loaded its treasures on to carts and elephants to build Mandalay’s Palace and Moat further inland.


Mindon was succeeded by his son Thibaw – completed Atumashi Monastery which houses a 9 metre high Buddha.


British occupation of Upper Myanmar – King Thibaw and his court arrested, the royal family banished to Ratnagiri, India.


Opening of Mandalay University; students and monks protest against British rule.


Occupation by Japanese forces during World War II until 1945.  The city was badly bombed during the war.


Chinese immigrants, mainly from Yunnan, settled in the city. New business develops.


A huge fire destroyed 6,000 houses and public buildings leaving 36,000 people homeless.

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