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Since or establishment in 1992, The Mandalay Directory Group has continued to cater for the needs of the residents in Mandalay.

The printed directory which we continue to publish to the high standard that you see today had stand the test of time, as a solid base for a successful marketing strategy. We ensure highest circulation of over 130,000 copies in 21 Myanmar cities, with over 108,000 listings and 7000 advertisements, under 600 business headings, making us the largest and most trusted directory in Myanmar.

Reach out to the Myanmar consumer by placing an advertisement in the Mandalay Directory, the official directory commissioned by the Mandalay City Development Committee.

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Yangon Directory


Size: 40 x 25 mm / 1000 Sq-mm


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Yangon Directory


Size: 208 x 60 mm / 12480 Sq-mm


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Yangon Directory


Size: 82 x 60 mm / 4920 Sq-mm


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Size: 82 x 250 mm / 20500 Sq-mm

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Yangon Directory


Size: 208 x 123 mm


Size: 208 x 250 mm

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Mandalay Directory Office

Corner Of 28th St..,2nd Floor,Man Myanmar Plaza,Chan Aye Thar San Township, Mandalay, Myanmar.

Tel : 02-4000613,02-4000614

Hotline : 02-4000610

Sale Direct Line : 02-4000611

E-mail : [email protected]

Yangon Directory Office

7 thFlr.Bldg.(C), New Mingalar Market, Corner of Set Yone Rd(Mill Road) & Banyardala Rd.., MingalarTaungNyuntTsp,Yangon Region ,Myanmar.

Tel : 01 9000712 ,01 9000713

E-mail : [email protected]